Kinsky Trio Prague – Reviews


…The Kinsky Trio catch the spirit of both early sets very neatly in performances of great charm and dexterity. ...

Gramophone 10/2009


…Kinsky Trio Prague resurrects these admirable pages with a communicative verve at each moment. Its playing, brilliant, passionate, and sometimes bold, gives life to the notes. Under their fingers, Martinu’s music resembles a special expressive celebration, wherein light becomes palpable. Here is a recording of great beauty, in pure DSD, that should be acquired right away. …

Opus HD e-magazine 2009


The Kinsky Trio Prague performs these works idiomatically, with musical accuracy and effusive exuberance. …

Audiophile Audition, November 2009


Like the painting, signed Foerster, illustrating the brochure, the Kinsky Trio from Prague amaze us by their captivating colors. As the score plays out, a pictorial work takes shape, a painting made of musical “flavors” brought out by a magisterial interpretation. In an exemplary DSD sound recording, here is an SACD that is without exaggeration one of the very first order.

Opus Haute Définition e-magazine numéro 80, March 2011

The Kinsky Trio Prague is a young and lively group of musicians formed in 2004 from students of the Academy of Prague, and their performances are brisk, alert, and impassioned. I can’t imagine better readings of any of this music, and the surround sound only adds to its glory. This is a very fine disc, and I hope there is more to come.

Audiophile Audition August 2011


Kinsky Trio Prague